Manicure - Pedicure

Panta Rei Institute provides manicure services in a warm and welcoming place to create conditions of trust and relaxation. We offer simple manicure or semi-permanent with gel polish that lasts three weeks with incredible shine and durability.

We offer pedicure for beautiful and healthy feet. Therapeutic or beautifying pedicure to get rid of annoying cracks and corns and feel your feet healthy and thriving again.

Podology - Pedicure Treatment

The appearance of the therapeutic pedicure professionals dates in ancient years. Already Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC) worked and wrote about the problems of the legs scleroderma (callus-chili-keratosis). In the 12th century AD we have the appearance of professional bathrooms and the occupation of pedicurist. The standing, fatigue, narrow shoes, the wrong cut nails are some of the main reasons for tired feet and we should realize that their grooming is not a luxury but necessary for good health.

The Podology is a field that deals specifically with diseases of the lower limbs. We relieve you of problems involving painful conditions like corns, sclerosis, dry skin nail (nails entering the skin), warts, dry skin feet, diabetic foot care. In our Institute, we apply scrupulously the rules of personal hygiene; The cleanliness in general and especially the sterilization of instruments in an oven is important to ensure customers' health.

The Manicure - Pedicure is definitely satisfying. We are waiting for you!

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