Ancient Greek Massage ®

Created by Mrs. Elli Tsouknaki (

’Panta Rei; Everything flows, nothing stands still„ - Heraclitus

The great Greek pre-Socratic philosopher that lived during the 6th century BC, reminds us that you can’t cross the same river twice because the waters is constantly changing and it’s never going be the same river that you crossed the first time. He also claimed that energy is the primary substance that rules the world.

It was this very concept on which ‘’PANTA REI’’ based its philosophy getting inspired as well as by the teachings of Hippocrates. Hippocrates revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece and taught massage therapy. (massage comes from the Greek word ‘’μασώ’’ which means I offer services using my hands). The ancient massage was a necessary service in the wrestling rings, in the gymnasiums or in the Asclepius centers.

Georgia Kordopatis is an experienced expert in the ANCIENT GREEK MASSAGE that can responsibly offer you the unique experience and the benefits of this massage technique.
Here’s a small taste of the stages that Ancient Greek Massage includes: We start with dry body massage using powder and then we apply essential oils and cappings. Next we continue massaging with the use of an organic horsehair brush and stlegilis, a special spatula that removes the oils from the body. The last stage is head massage.

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